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AutoCAD Activator [Mac/Win] Latest

AutoCAD includes computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software. AutoCAD is primarily used by architects, engineers, and drafters to create 2D and 3D drawings. AutoCAD’s 2D drafting features include line, area, and arc drawing; text annotation, labeling, and measurement; and control of measurement units. Its 3D features include construction of objects, such as buildings, from a 3D point cloud or free-form solid model, and 3D modeling and drawing, as well as importing and exporting from other 3D CAD programs. AutoCAD has also been used in the production of some movies, including Men In Black and Godzilla, and has been used in automotive design and other industries. The popularity of AutoCAD increased significantly following the release of AutoLISP, a programming language that allows users to create their own macros and plugins to enhance the functionality of AutoCAD.

In addition to its native AutoCAD program, Autodesk offers a range of products (not in current production) that allow users to integrate the functionality of AutoCAD and other software applications with handheld devices and cloud computing platforms. Such applications are aimed primarily at construction, manufacturing, utility, transportation, building services, and energy industries. Autodesk also offers the construction simulation program WinSite.

In February 2017, Autodesk had 48 million licensees in 120 countries and territories worldwide, a number that includes contractors and manufacturing companies, education institutions, construction companies, firms that specialize in industrial design, architects, engineers, and independent users. The company said it had 31.4 million users of its AutoCAD drafting software and 2.2 million users of AutoCAD Map 3D; 1.3 million users of Building Design; 1.1 million users of Virtual Reality (VR) Experience; 1.1 million users of Autodesk Lifecycle; 581,000 users of Swarm; 658,000 users of WinSite; 380,000 users of Fusion 360; and 288,000 users of 3D Warehouse. According to the company, the number of buildings created with AutoCAD has reached nearly 50 million.

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Conceptual history [ edit ]

The “Auto” in AutoCAD is an abbreviation of the first word in the name “Automatic Desk Calculator Drafting”. Autodesk started a corporation in

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Category:3D graphics software
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Category:Computer-aided design software
Category:Windows graphics-related softwareShaker [![GoDoc]( [![Build Status](

Shaker allows you to add a client side authentication method for your site.

Shaker is **not** a replacement for Zope authentication. It doesn’t live in
the Zope 3 core, nor is it a part of Zope 3. It’s a completely separate

Shaker’s primary goal is to allow you to use something like [OpenID](
or [Twitter](
to authenticate users of your Plone site.

Shaker supports:

* OAuth 2.0
* OAuth 2.0 with Client Credentials (Facebook/Twitter)
* OpenID Connect
* Single Sign-On (SAML, WS-Federation, OAuth2-WebServer-Flow)
* EJBCA JOSE Token Exchange

**Note:** Shaker doesn’t support:

* OAuth 1.0
* OpenID 1.0
* WS-Federation
* SAML 2.0

If you have a problem with a site using a protocol that isn’t supported
by Shaker, please contact the developers at .


First, you’ll need a version of Shaker that matches your Python version.
The latest version is always available via
[Python Packages](

For Zope 2:

pip install shaker



– Install the full version of Autodesk Viewer
– Uninstall the free software Viewer
– Download a full version Autodesk Viewer and unzip it.
– Run the Autodesk Viewer.

3. Click on File, Page Setup…

If you get a message that Autodesk Viewer is not working in your system, go to Control Panel and select Administrative Tools, find the Autodesk Viewer and delete it.

The modified version of Viewer is in Autodesk Central repository.
The modified keygen can be obtained from
Don’t forget to download the

The modified Viewer works fine in a 64-bit system.

How to use Autodesk Viewer to open.cad files

To open a.cad file by the modified Viewer, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on File, Page Setup…
3. Select “No Font” option and set the Language to English
4. Click on “Open” button to open a.cad file

About Autodesk Viewer

Autodesk Viewer is a free viewer for AutoCAD that is optimized for mobile devices. Using this viewer, you can view and navigate AutoCAD files. Viewer is created and maintained by Autodesk.

System Requirements

Autodesk Viewer is available for the following platforms: Android 2.3+, iOS 4.3+, Windows Vista SP2+, and Windows 7 SP1+


Scala and Java default constructor

I have the following class, which is marked as abstract in Java:
public abstract class AbstractTest {
private AbstractTest() {

And the following test class which uses it:
public class Test extends AbstractTest {
public void foo() {

Unfortunately, this doesn’t compile. The compiler throws:

error: cannot find symbol
public void foo() {
symbol: constructor AbstractTest()
location: class AbstractTest

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Create custom XML markup definitions and save them to the repository, so they can be used in multiple drawings, without overwriting XML definitions in shared libraries. (video: 10:53 min.)

Add comments in print dialogs, to provide design comments for customers. Quickly add them to all print dialogs using the Markup Assist dialog. (video: 9:48 min.)

New and improved print dialog:

To help keep you on track, a print preview window shows you which layers, sections and objects are selected.

The Print Preview icon in the status bar helps you see which layers and which views are selected.

Faster and smoother:

AutoCAD’s general performance is now even faster and more responsive, while remaining feature-rich and compatible with today’s workflows. Newer and improved capabilities include:

Easier access to the drawing tools and dialog boxes

Navigation with simple, intuitive methods

Selection and rotation has been improved

Improved display and editing of vector paths

Hand-drawn lines and dashed lines are now more visible and easier to edit

Enhanced editing tools and editing modes

Enhanced text-handling capabilities

New features for 2D and 3D modeling:

In addition to improved features for 2D drafting and creating models, you can now customize the text that appears in the 2D Text Editor to reflect its appearance in AutoCAD.

See more of your drawing surface when you use the Screen-to-Screen feature.

GIS, geographic information systems, continue to be enhanced in AutoCAD to make it easier to plot, identify, create, edit, analyze and print spatial data in 2D or 3D:

To make it easier to see and read and identify geographic features, AutoCAD’s reading and identification tools have been improved. The display of the Open Menu is now separate from the display of the Page Setup dialog box, to avoid obscuring each other. The cursor is now always visible when the Reading tool is active.

With GDS import, you can read and identify GDS data without installing any GDS plug-ins, and make modifications to the data directly in the drawing.

Projected ArcGIS supports the import and display of 2D geographic information in AutoCAD.

GPS track log users can now import and export track logs to and from

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

So we released our website update yesterday. Check out our Devlog here:
Our Roadmap to completion is getting closer.
While we were working on the website to make it more user-friendly, we were also developing our application to make it more efficient. As many of you might know, our application was written from scratch.
We’re now close to an update that will drastically change how the game works. We will explain it here, but this is only to let you


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